Speciality Areas

Custom algorithm designed to match buyers with sellers based on their personal housing preference.
Videos, Google Ads, and Custom Website for listings
Condos, Luxury Market, Townhouses, and New Developments

Digital Home Marketing is increasingly becoming the only way to strategically target buyers when it comes to selling to specific specialty real estate market segments like Condos, Townhouses, Luxury Markets and New Developments.

Selling your Condo with all of the thousands of other condos in Vancouver? You can virtually place your condo listing ahead of all the other condos for sale in Vancouver because Ian custom programs your condo listing using a digital algorithm uniquely designed to sell your condo by increasing its exposure to the very people who are searching for condos. Think of this like a digital match making service between buyers and sellers.

The same can be said for Luxury homes which can only be sold to a specific group of qualified buyers who may not even live in the Metro Vancouver area. This is why digital marketing is so important because it has the ability to target your home. For Luxury Homes, Ian Brett has created a specific luxury website called DiscoverLuxury.ca offering unique services for luxury property owners.