Amy, B. Design (communication design), A.D. Graphic Des., Advanced Cert. Film Production

Amy is a third generation 'Vancouverite'. She started her career in retail sales for Dylex becoming one of the top retail sales associates in Canada before training as a graphic designer and working her way over the past 20 years into brand development and marketing strategy management.
She has created brands for national and international fortune 500 companies. Amy has also worked in film production for major television networks and film production companies. She is accomplished filmmaker and has created TV commercial campaigns as well as cross media campaigns. Her previous work has included working as the brand strategist and brand manager for one of Canada's largest oil and gas companies. Amy specializes in Brand Strategy and Futures.
Amy's Vancouver "I love the aesthetics of Vancouverism … you really don't see it with any other city. Vancouver is a city that protects its view corridors and has an urban grid that promotes walking and biking."
Amy can be reached directly at the office; 604.968.7539 x103 or her cell; 604.818.4539 or via email;
Ian Brett, B.Sc., PMP

Ian has been active in Real Estate since 1986 when he created 'THE REAL ESTATE CHANNEL' for Shaw and then Rogers Cable TV. The Real Estate Channel was North America's first interactive real estate channel on TV. Today, Ian's focus is to leverage Technology and the power of the internet to sell homes faster and for more money.
Ian has extensive sales experience, is a skilled negotiator, and has solid real estate training. Ian is also an Information Technology Professional, with 35 years years experience leading innovation and change in private, corporate and government sectors. Ian's technical certifications include MCSE, CNE and IBM PSS, while on the management side certifications include PMP, ITIL, and the Queens Executive Program (for Negotiation, Strategy, Management and Leadership).
Ian's Vancouver
"Before immigrating, I had never seen snow, so I just had to drive from sea to sky, to the beautiful mountains surrounding the city to find the most awe inpiring views in the world."
Ian can be reached directly at the office; 604.968.7539 or via email;