Digital Marketing

IT digital marketing system that can include Google Ads so that your home will be shown to thousands of potential targeted buyers
Custom home media marketing package that includes professional video, photography, programming and more!
Monitor your sale using our 24/7 custom sale program

Ian Brett is more than just a real estate agent, he combines his IT skills together with his years of experience in experience in sales, programming and project management together with his marketing team lead and business partner Amy who lends her skills to selling homes using high level brand strategy and new media marketing.

When you list your home with Ian Brett, you not only get his services as a REALTOR® from start to close, you also get the benefit of his IT digital marketing system backed by a team of professionals which includes a videographer, designer, marketing expert, and computer programmer. His team will create a custom winning home marketing package for you. Your home will be listed in the Captain Vancouver Network, hundreds of external websites and also sold using traditional marketing methods. Using a custom algorithm, Ian will target potential buyers both locally, nationally and international.

Plus Ian Brett offers his clients a program called THE BRIDGE which allows you as the homeowner to view what we have done for you and who is looking at your home, accessible by you the homeowner 24/7.

There is no cost for these exceptional services and Ian even offers a CA$H BACK program.