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Advertising on Vancouver's Largest independent Real Estate Network
Custom plan created by team of marketing professionals designed to sell your house faster and for more money. (eg. Videos etc.)
Advertising online (eg. Google Ads)
Custom website for your house and SEO to promote it
Multi language capabilities
Traditional Full Service REALTOR service (negotiation, MLS, market evaluation etc.)

How do you compare the over 11,000 REALTORS® in Greater Vancouver alone? It's not as hard as you may think. Here's why…

The next time you are driving around Vancouver, take a look around at Real Estate advertising. Are the REALTORS® selling the homes they have listed or are they advertising themselves? Now more than ever REALTORS® have to show what they are offering home owners in terms of service. They need to be more than just a REALTOR®, they need to be an expert in technology, branding and marketing. They need to know how to advertise to today's market using today's technology, not marketing strategy from 20 years ago that is not relevant anymore. Why?...because the goal should not be just to sell a house but to sell it for the most you can possibly get in the shortest amount of time. Remember all houses can sell….but at what cost?

What you as the home owner really need to ask is exactly what will be done specifically to sell your home beyond vague strategies or relying on antiquated marketing techniques. This is how Ian Brett is different. Ian Brett is a REALTOR® who offers the same agent service that you will find with any other agency brand. The difference is that he is also owns the largest independent Real Estate Network in Vancouver called CAPTAIN VANCOUVER®. You as the homeowner get the benefit of free advertising on CAPTAIN VANCOUVER® when you list your house with him. As a homeowner you will know exactly what Ian will do to sell your home. Which segment market he will target and how he will advertise to them. Ian also offers his clients the use of a custom 24/7 monitoring program so that they can see the daily progress of their sale.

Ian wants you to compare. Call him at 604-Your Key to set up an appointment to find out how he will sell your house to achieve the results you want!